ING’s Annual Report 2014 published

Would you like to know how we empower people to make smart financial decisions and how we create value for customers and society? You can find out in our online Annual Review and the Annual Report.

On 19 March, ING published its 2014 Annual Report. For the first time, the ING Annual Report is an integrated report, containing information about ING’s financial as well as non-financial performance in 2014.

ING’s role as a financial institution is to support and stimulate economic, social and environmental progress. ING’s purpose - empowering people to stay a step ahead in life and in business - is reflected in ING’s structure, strategy and in the values we embrace. ING aims to provide a clear account of how we create value in the context of our role in society by disclosing and explaining in one integrated report ING’s economic performance, as well as our impact on society and the environment.

The Annual Review provides an overview of our businesses and strategy, as well as key points and highlights in 2014, in an attractive and informative format. Based on the Annual Report, it contains case studies to illustrate our strategy.