How to navigate through the turbulent times ahead

At the ING CEO Summit 2018, two of the brightest minds in global economics as well as many other speakers considered the world of today – and how it is likely to change.

There’s no doubt that we are living in precarious times. From rising nationalism and isolationism, to the rapid technological change that is transforming business models and altering the way we work and live our lives. But statistics show that we’re living in the most prosperous and democratic times the world has ever seen. So, should we fear the future or embrace the opportunities that come from political and technological upheaval? How can we adapt to these changes, and sustain and accelerate the economic recovery that Europe is now experiencing?

To debate these issues and more, world-renowned economist and Financial Times associate editor Martin Wolf and influential thinker and business guru Kjell Nordström shared the stage. In this video report (04:38), Wolf outlines the changing geopolitical and macro-economic environment, while Nordstrom looks to the urban and technological future, and the challenges humanity faces.