A view on the US presidential election

(7 Nov. 2016) What’s at stake for the global economy when either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton wins the US presidential election on 8 November? ING’s chief international economist, Rob Carnell, presents this financial and economic analysis in a series of videos. New videos 4 and 5 added!


Opinion polls suggest there have never been two more unpopular candidates and Carnell looks into what’s driving the campaign.

He examines what it takes to be elected President and Commander in Chief and draws parallels with the rise of Mr Trump and the ‘Brexit’ decision in the UK back in June, where British people voted to leave the European Union in a referendum.

He then looks at how tax, spending and borrowing may change after the result and what impact it may have on the value of the US dollar.


Video 2: The Great Unpopularity Contest

In this series of videos leading up to the US Election on 8 November, Rob Carnell explains why both candidates have been so unpopular across the electorate.



Video 3: Who supports Trump?

In this video on the upcoming US election, Rob Carnell finds similarities between typical Trump supporters and British Brexit supporters. Why do all economists love free trade, while so many voters are against it?



Video 4: Swinging for victory



Video 5: Economic differences



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