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Wholesale Banking

Financing change in the world

ING Sustainable Finance and Advisory helps corporations and financial institutions transition to net zero with a variety of tailor-made, compliant? financing and advisory solutions. 

Full view of a sign with the text Don't go breaking my earth during a climate protest


Work with a trusted front-runner in sustainability markets


Significant deal flow that brings us in the forefront of market developments.

Wide span of transactions and long-term experience in sustainability.

Front-runners in sustainable transformation with innovative products.


How to reach your sustainable transition and climate goals

Our experienced and dedicated teams work with you to create a plan that has a positive impact on the planet, sociaty, and your business. Our suite includes solutions that help you finance sustainable initiatives, improve your ESG scores, and access funds for your sustainable transformation. 

Green and sustainability-linked loans

  • Access loans for financing approved/specific/eligible green initiatives/projects or Access loans that that allocate their net proceeds to green initiatives, using a clear and transparent allocation process.
  • Finance your sustainable transition / finance your transition to net zero.

Green and sustainability-linked bonds

  • Benefit from incentive-based bonds that tie the bondholders' coupon rates to the issuer's progress towards pre-determined sustainability targets.
  • Access a growing capital market by raising capital  for projects that have a positive impact on the society, the planet, and your financial goals.

ESG Advisory

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Our approach

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The benefits of ING's Sustainable Finance and Advisory solutions

  • Bridging the gap between your financial objectives and sustainability goals.
  • Incentivising sustainability: borrowers are motivated to enhance their sustainability performance, contributing to a more sustainable global economy.​​​​​​​
  • Preserving market intergrity and financial flexibility.

Start working with ING for a tailor-made approach to reach your climate goals.

ING offers customised solutions and advice to suit your organisational needs. We currently serve corporate clients and financial institutions in over 40 countries, pairing local and global insight with sector knowledge and financial expertise to provide greater cash flow control, visibility, and efficiencies for our customers. 

Contact your ING representative to know more about our offering. 

Why partner with us

Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. So whatever your financial needs, whether you are looking to expand and want strategic advice, or just want to make your day-to-day banking more efficient, we are here to support your business ambitions.

  • Serving corporate clients and financial institutions in over 35 countries.
  • We pair local and global insight with sector knowledge with financial expertise.
  • We are ranked as a leader in sustainability and we are included in the FTSE4Good Index.
  • Global Finance

    Best bank for sustainable infrastructure finance

  • Environmental Finance

    Lead manager of the year for social bonds and sustainability bonds - financial institution

  • Global Capital

    Most impressive investment bank for corporate ESG capital markets and advice