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Wholesale Banking

Migration of I-Dentity Card and Reader

Phase out approach

ING will gradually discontinue the use of the ING I-Dentity Card and Reader as a login method for InsideBusiness.


Step 1

As of July 10, it will no longer be possible for users to renew their ING I-Dentity Card. Expiring card users will be informed and asked to migrate to mToken or ING Scanner. You can compare the login methods.

After August 26, new users will be set up with mToken or with ING Scanner. ING I-Dentity Card is no longer possible for new users.


Step 2

All remaining users with ING I-Dentity Cards will be contacted via an InsideBusiness message and asked to migrate to mToken or ING Scanner. The order of migration will be done, starting with the ones expiring first. Our current estimation for the migration period is that it will be concluded around Q2 2024.
Once a user has been notified there is a 3-month period. After that, the ING I-Dentity Card of the user will be made inactive.


The projected migration timeline is as per below but can be subject to changes from the ING side.

Card expiration year

Migration period

H1 2024September/October 2023
H2 2024November/December 2023
2025January 2024
2026February 2024
2027March 2024


Note: This page will be updated if any changes occur.