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ING Commercial Card portal Cookie Statement

ING Bank N.V. (hereafter 'ING') will do its best to ensure that the processing of your personal data through (hereafter the ‘ING Commercial Card portal’) is carried out in such a way that your privacy is protected and safeguarded as much as possible. The personal data is gathered by using cookies and similar technologies (hereafter ‘cookies’). Cookies retrieve information from your personal computer, tablet, smartphone or other device you use. 

At this moment, the ING Commercial Card portal does not use cookies for which they need your consent. 

The table below explains the cookies the ING Commercial Card portal uses:

CookiePurposeStorage period


These cookies are essential for the normal operation of the website. They are used for securing that your website requests are distributed to the appropriate webserver, that your language preference is remembered during a visit to the card websites, for prompting you that your session will soon time out, or if you use an unsupported browserThese cookies expire after 1 or 2 years


These cookies enhance your user experience or support the security of the website. It includes a cookie that supports a secure log-in process and a cookie which remembers your preference for the amount of transactions you want to view on a webpageThese cookies expire after 1 or 2 years


Adobe SiteCatalyst cookies are used to pass on information to ING’s service provider Fraedom UK LTD (‘Fraedom’). Fraedom provides us with analytical analyses of the use of the ING Commercial Card portal. The cookies collect details of visitor behaviour patterns such as the number of users who have logged in, languages used, browsers used, and pages visited by users. The information is only collected and processed in a way which does not identify anyone. So, no personally identifiable information is forwarded to Fraedom. The information is only passed on to Fraedom and not to Adobe SiteCatalyst or any other third partyThe storage period of these cookies varies from the duration of a session to 2 years

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