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Wholesale Banking

Diversified corporates

Diversified corporates covers a broad range of large and international corporates within multiple industries grouped. The DC relationship banking teams are spread over 40 countries across EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas. In the ING locations where we don’t have critical mass for a dedicated Sector team, the DC team will also cover the Sector clients in that market. Additionally the DC teams are responsible for the majority of international LAM activities across the WB sector organization.

A lot of different dice together

In EMEA we have 26 teams across 24 countries in Europe and Middle East, including the Asia desk in Amsterdam and the Nordics desk in Brussels/Stockholm. In 21 EMEA locations we conduct LAM (inbound) banking activities for multi-national clients based in the USA, APAC and intra-Europe.

Our DC Americas teams cover large and MNC corporates in the USA, as well as in Latin America in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Especially for the USA based corporate clients there is a high correlation with INGs European and international network, as a large proportion of the banking solutions and services delivered to these clients are realized in Europe and, to a lesser extent, APAC.

In APAC we have relationship banking teams covering DC corporates in 14 countries, including a dedicated multinational team that manages all inbound and intra-Asia local accounts in APAC. The regional head office is in Singapore and additionally Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo are amongst the core DC client coverage hubs.

We believe that with a strong regional presence and optimised client proximity we can advise and serve our clients best and offer them local as well as global expertise.

In DC we have defined four sub-sector client clusters, with each a dedicated Sector Lead who acts as a champion and coordinator of virtual teams of coverage bankers and product colleagues: 

  • Retail & FMCG
  • Manufacturing and heavy industries
  • Services
  • Construction

Each of these subsectors allows us to bring sharper commercial focus to growing our businesses in these respective sectors, to align commercial priorities with risk appetite, as well as to manage for profitability and client experience. Within these sub-sectors we are sharing best practices and are helping each other to replicate deals and to bring relevant ideas and fresh insights to our clients.