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Wholesale Banking

Increase employee engagement with LTIP

Your company is planning to create an LTIP for your employees. Or your company already has an LTIP in place but is looking for a new provider to administrate the plan. This is where ING can help. With over 20 years’ experience in servicing corporate clients’ LTIPs, and many listed corporate clients with participants in 70 countries, we can provide you with a tailor-made solution that is fully compliant worldwide.

One provider for your employees worldwide

A global solution ensuring compliance restrictions and trading rules including support of internationally mobile employees

One-stop shop dashboard for employees you can seamlessly adjust to your company’s branding and processes

LTIP reward system

An LTIP is a reward system designed to improve employees’ long-term performance by providing rewards that are tied to the corporation’s share price. In a traditional LTIP, employees are granted a conditional award such as a share or option instrument. Only after fulfilling certain conditions, can the employee receive an unconditional award such as matching shares or a discount on a personal investment. In an employee investment  plan, employees have the opportunity to invest in the company privately, being rewarded with a commitment bonus such as future matching shares or a discount on the investment. 

The benefits of offering your employees an LTIP are far-reaching. It not only supports your business strategy, it also improves employees’ long-term commitment and strengthens employee engagement. Moreover, an LTIP aligns the interest of investors, the company and employees.

Integrated compliance module

Compliance and cost efficiency are at the forefront of every competitive organisation. By outsourcing the administration of your LTIP to us, we can guarantee that your organisation’s plan operates efficiently and within all regulatory compliance. Our integrated compliance module ensures participants cannot violate any compliance regulation or trading rules anywhere. We offer flawless integration with financial services and a decrease in your administrative burden and at the same time constantly improve data security.


ING provides a one-stop-shop solution for employees in your LTIP thanks to our MyLeo platform. In MyLeo, employees can monitor their plan and perform on-exchange transactions within the applicable trading and compliance restrictions. MyLeo supports every entire investment process and is tailor-made specifically for your company. 

Participants do not have to open an account with us which allows us to service the global makeup of your participants. Communication with your employees is as key for us as it is for you, MyLeo sends out automatic notifications during key LTIP events and if the participant needs help to login, our multilingual service desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist.

A truly global solution for a globalised employee base, our LTIP solution supports international mobile tax calculation by interfacing with a tax advisor of your choice. Cash proceeds can be paid directly to the participant or to payroll in fund currency or foreign currency. Thanks to our dedicated share delivery team shares can be delivered to accounts worldwide to any bank. 

MyLeo, the platform for employees and employers, is fully integrated with ING’s core products such as securities lending, exchange trading, payments, FX and share delivery. MyLeo can be branded seamlessly to your own company’s branding to further encourage employee participation and engagement.


A one-stop-shop platform for participants in your company’s long-term incentive plan (LTIP), geared to today’s internationally mobile workforce.

Why partner with us

Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. So whatever your financial needs, whether you are looking to expand and want strategic advice, or just want to make your day-to-day banking more efficient, we are here to support your business ambitions.

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