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ING speaks up for sustainability-linked finance

30 September 2021

Sustainability-linked finance was created by ING back in 2017. Since then, its popularity has grown immensely, with many banks offering similar products. But do they all make the right kind of impact?

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Other research and reports you may find relevant

02 December 2021

ING Global Outlook 2022

Omicron is a storm in our crystal ball, but we know that whatever Covid throws at us, the global economy can adapt. Here's our full Outlook for 2022: 3 calls for countries, markets and sectors.

04 October 2021

Dutch companies investing in growth

An ING survey has revealed the post-pandemic strategic priorities of 77 of the biggest Dutch companies. And at the top of their list are digitalisation and sustainability.

16 September 2021

Climate change: business at risk?

Anne-Sophie Castelnau has been global head of Sustainability at ING since 1 April 2021. Here, she talks about our integrated approach to climate and what she thinks of the job so far.

10 June 2021

Monthly economic update: emerging from the shadows

There’s a new sense of optimism in Europe and the US that freedom from restrictions is just around the corner. The mood in Asia is darker. For all countries, for all markets, Covid-19 continues to cast a shadow over everything we do.

09 June 2021

Sustainable finance: the search for 'greenium'

Engaging in green finance requires extra effort, in particular for issuers; far more hoops to jump through relative to vanilla issuance. But there are clear benefits, and it's not just about lower funding costs.

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Rethinking sustainability in the post-pandemic landscape

06 April 2021

With many businesses struggling to stay afloat through the Covid-19 pandemic, what has happened to their sustainability ambitions? Rather than taking a backseat, an ING survey of corporate and investment leaders found that companies have actually accelerated their green transformation plans, and investors are demanding harder environmental targets.

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08 April 2021

Covid-19 hits European cohesion

Covid-19 has not only had an unequal impact on public health, it also threatens to spread future economic inequality and put European cohesion at risk. One year after the first lockdown measures were taken, we find that the risk of higher inequality is present in various forms within the European labour market.

01 April 2021

April Economic Update: bigger things than the Suez ship are still firmly stuck in the mud

In our April economic update, we look at the growing divergence between the US and eurozone, the potential impact of the pandemic for cohesion in Europe and the greening of monetary policy, and the outlook for inflation amid higher shipping costs and chip shortages.

23 January 2020

Circular business models to enhance sustainability in infrastructure

ING and partners aim to enhance sustainability in infrastructure through exploring circular business models. More insights can be found in the report from the Business Models and Value Cases working group of the Open Learning Environment Circular Bridges and Viaducts in the Netherlands.

13 January 2021

Energy Outlook 2021

The pandemic reduced energy demand in 2020, but the energy markets will bounce back in 2021 as the global economy recovers. Covid-19 has had little impact on the growth prospects for wind and solar, the oil market continues to tighten and LNG is boosting the gas market. On the back of these market trends, European utilities will likely increase investment by +5.5%.

16 December 2020

ING reports its climate alignment score for its shipping portfolio for the first time under the Poseidon Principles

Driven by leading shipping financiers, in June 2019, the Poseidon Principles became the first sector-specific climate alignment agreement for financial institutions. Today, ING and 14 other signatories deliver on their commitment and publish the Poseidon Principles Annual Disclosure Report 2020.

18 November 2020

Global Macro Outlook: the darkness before the dawn.

As this wild and turbulent year draws to a close, we look back in our Global Macro Outlook 2021, and focus on what to expect beyond lockdowns, the virus and the vaccine.