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Uncover new insights based on ING’s research. Discover developments in-depth across sectors and geographies.

Can sodium-ion batteries replace lithium-ion ones?

Sodium-ion batteries unveiled by Swedish group Northvolt completely avoid the need for critical minerals such as lithium. This is currently the only viable battery chemistry that does not contain lithium.

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Other research and reports you may find relevant

A drone hovering above a gold mine
26 February 2024

How AI can help speed up the green energy transition

Despite it's early stages, AI is slowly being transitioned in the world, and we believe a green energy transition can be achieved faster with the help of AI. 

16 February 2024

G10 FX Talking: Another month of a strong dollar

Strong US jobs data and a high January CPI reading have put paid to any ideas of early Fed rate cuts

Jerome Powell
09 February 2024

ING Monthly: Reasons to be cheerful, Part 3

Despite a rather gloomy backdrop, we think a few key reasons for optimism are beginning to surface in the global economy.

01 February 2024

Telecoms Outlook 2024: Stepping into the future

2024 will be the year of the smart home, the acceleration of Europe's fibre rollout, transformative M&A and opportunities around 5G and cyber security

Solar Panels
29 January 2024

Renewable power: Stubborn challenges need to be addressed for sustainable growth

Renewable power is a key pillar to decarbonising the world economy. We expect decent renewable power capacity growth in Europe and the US in 2024 and beyond. However, it's not happening fast enough because of vulnerable supply chains, high financing costs, congested grids and slow permitting

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27 November 2023

Stay up-to-date with ING Think

Stay a step ahead as our economists and strategists try to make sense of the world. ING's global economists and strategists tell you what's happening - and is likely to happen - in the world of global markets.

What the Red Sea crisis could mean for commodity markets

Certain shipowners have become hesitant to travel through the Red Sea and Suez Canal due to attacks by Houthis from Yemen. Rather, they are opting for the more costly and extended path across Southern Africa. What does all of this signify for the commodity markets, then?

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02 November 2022

ING publishes 2022 climate report

No time to read the full 101-page 2022 Climate Report? Don’t worry. The main message is that we’re making progress, but we’re not perfect. As our CEO Steven van Rijswijk said: “We’re proud of the steps we’re taking, and the transparency with which we share the progress towards our targets. But none of us can do this alone. We all have a part to play, and we can all do much more. Let’s do it together, before it’s too late.”

19 April 2022

Glass fibre: super highways to digital inclusivity

The pandemic reinforced the importance of digital connectivity. Higher upload speeds in particular are necessary for streaming data-heavy services such as video meetings. This is where glass fibre really comes into its own.

04 October 2021

Dutch companies are investing in growth

An ING survey has revealed the post-pandemic strategic priorities of 77 of the biggest Dutch companies. And at the top of their list are digitalisation and sustainability.