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Wholesale Banking

ING Sofia at the EU Green Deal Transformation Conference – Opportunities and Challenges

Marina Kobakova, Head of Sector Coverage, was a speaker at the “Business Leaders Discussion on EU Green Deal” Panel alongside executives of largest investors in the country in Energy and Metals and Mining sectors, as a part of the conference EU Green Deal Transformation – Opportunities and Challenges, organized by the Green Deal Working Group of AmCham in Bulgaria.

Three men and woman on Business Leaders Discussion on EU Green Deal

The aim of the event was:

  • to outline the challenges prior to the Bulgarian transformation into an industrialized country, avoiding the so-called “middle income trap” before the European Green Deal comes into force.
  • to focus on the necessary factors for Bulgaria’s transition to the status of industrialized and low-carbon economy: development of a high-tech industry based on resource security; energy stability, diversification and decarbonization and developed digital infrastructure.
  • to emphasize the loss of competitiveness of the EU and the socio-economic price in the implementation of the Green Deal through the so-called de-growth or self-destruction of industrial, scientific and social capacity.
  • to focus on the good practices of international companies with a presence in Bulgaria which are implemented in other countries.

Marina Kobakova outlined sustainability as one of the pillars of ING’s business strategy. She underlined the bank’s strong dedication to a low carbon future and integrated client approach, which leads us toward achieving our ambitious goals. She discussed ING’s green financing products and the opportunities which we, as a bank, provide to our clients to support their sustainable projects and innovations.

With its hybrid format, the conference succeeded to gather on stage leaders from several business sectors among which energy, metals and mining, as well as state and institutions, consultancy and academia.

Once again, ING confirmed its engagement and ambition to play a key role as a banking partner in the economic and business transformation, which will prepare Bulgaria to meet the new EU requirements, as well as to ensure a better and more sustainable future for all.

For more information go to AmCham Bulgaria Position Paper on EU Green Deal, 30 June 2021