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Wholesale Banking

ING InsideBusiness to phase out I-Dentity Card and Reader

As part of our ongoing effort to create a safe and secure banking experience for you, we started phasing out the I-Dentity Card and Reader as one of InsideBusiness’s login methods per September 2023. This update follows the ever-increasing security standards and can help users log in even more securely.

If you are an ING I-Dentity Card user, you can already switch to mToken. If you prefer a physical login device, you can request the ING Scanner as an alternative method.

Once we complete the phasing out, you will not be able to use the ING I-Dentity Card to log in. All ING I-Dentity Cards and Readers currently on your hand will not be usable after expiration.

Read more about the migration timeline and what it means to you.

Use mToken to log in – our recommended login method

mToken is a feature of the InsideBusiness appthat allows you to scan a QR code to quickly log into InsideBusiness and sign orders and transactions with your smartphone. mToken is easy to use, has no expiration date, and comes with no extra costs. 

Getting started with mToken

ING Scanner as an alternative

If you can't use mToken and need a physical device to log into InsideBusiness, you can request an ING Scanner. ING Scanner is a physical device with a unique color code QR solution. We will deliver the Scanner to you via registered courier.

Getting started with ING Scanner 

Please check your company’s internal policy about which ways to access InsideBusiness are permitted. If you have any questions about login methods for InsideBusiness, contact your ING representative.