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Wholesale Banking

ING Americas

ING Americas supports your business growth both locally and internationally. We combine sector experts in a range of industries, such as technology, media and telecoms (TMT), utilities power and renewables, natural resources, food and agribusiness, real estate and infrastructure, with financial product specialists in industry lending, corporate finance, debt capital, commodity and export financing, sustainable finance and much more.

Power for data centers: breaking through the transmission bottleneck and enabling greater sustainability

The rapid growth of data centers, together with the push towards electrification from the transportation and industrial sectors, are expected to result in unprecedented stress on the US electrical grid. The problem isn’t simply lack of supply.

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Rethinking sustainability in the post-pandemic landscape

With many businesses struggling to stay afloat through the Covid-19 pandemic, what has happened to their sustainability ambitions? Rather than taking a backseat, an ING survey of corporate and investment leaders found that companies have actually accelerated their green transformation plans, and investors are demanding harder environmental targets.

ING delivers the first sustainability-linked loan to data center sector

Data flows through almost everything we do, from powering our smartphones to streaming our favorite shows to networking businesses around the world - and its use is increasing exponentially. By 2030, global dataflows are expected to be more than 20 times those of 2018. As our society uses more and more data, we need to simultaneously find ways to deliver that extra capacity without consuming excess energy.

Lufa Farms on re-engaging consumers with local food systems

Thibault Sorret is a Chief of Staff at Canada-based sustainable agriculture and technology company Lufa Farms. Lufa Farms created the world’s first commercial rooftop greenhouse in Montreal, Quebec in 2011, going on to build two others in 2013 and 2017.

Peerby CEO: Future of Product-sharing Means Learning From Netflix and Unlocking Higher Margins

We interviewed Daan Weddepohl, Founder and CEO of Netherlands-based device- and appliance-sharing platform Peerby, for his take on the future of product sharing business models.

4 Reasons why business must lead the circular economy revolution

Potential business gains from the circular economy are vast—and adoption is critical to future competitiveness. But without consumer buy-in, it may all be in vain. Here are 4 reasons why business must lead the transition, and help consumers see the value of circular practices.

The Rise of Secondary Markets in Electronics

Here, Monika explains what has driven the company to adopt a circular economy model, and outlines the factors helping to accelerate the growth of secondary consumer markets for electronic devices.

The sustainability champion you never knew you had – your CFO

In this article we take a look at the role finance has to play in sustainable transition and meeting targets; how companies could benefit financially from sustainability initiatives; and how businesses are grouping to lead the way.

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How Europe is Accelerating Circular Models in Electronics and Fashion

Joanna Drake is Deputy Director-General for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment, where she leads the coordination of resource efficiency policies. She previously led the Commission’s Task Force on the Collaborative Economy, New Business Models and SMEs.

Are we shopping sustainably? Do we care?

Examining consumer attitudes towards the circular economy and sustainability in 2020. So, as we begin the new year and the new decade, we wanted to take a look at the impact the sustainability stories of 2019 have had on the general public and their buying behaviors.

Think Forward: the future of food 2019

This year already we’ve seen the meteoric share price rise of meat alternative company, African swine flu sweeping through China, and the trade war rumbles on to name just a few recent headlines. There was a lot to discuss at this year’s future of food event.

New York: Growing A Sustainable Future for All

As the recipient of the City Parks Foundation's "People and Parks Award" in October 2019, Gerald Walker, ING’s CEO in the Americas, reflects on the importance of green spaces, community, and the role they share in creating a more sustainable future.

Connecting Latam: Powering a tech infrastructure boom

Internet traffic — particularly mobile data usage — continues to grow at an astounding rate in developing markets like Latin America, driving an infrastructure boom for the towers and fiber optic cable networks that allow the data to flow.

ING event – Think Forward: the future of food

With agriculture facing new challenges on the horizon and 'disruption' as the buzzword of today, the way we think about food, from finance to fork, is changing. ING hosted a two-day event to examine the future of food as we know it.