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WBAA women data scientists and engineers share their perspectives.

Woman's head with science data icons

Playing the sex card is not fair to either men or women. People should go to work and be recognised for their qualifications and for what they bring to the table personally and professionally and not putter on gender stereotypes.

However, all these statistics prove a gender gap that might originate from various grounds like — a lack of STEM education for women early in life, workplace culture, lack of mentorship for women in data science and STEM, human resources regulations that do not work towards gender balance policies, inherited bias and low confidence levels — to name some. On the bright side, data science is a lucrative and promising field that drives innovation in all sectors with a growing importance within the STEM disciplines. Therefore, there is a lot of potential to narrow this gender gap and set a new bar for inclusion — even if this is considered a far-fetched challenge by many.

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