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Wholesale Banking

At ING WBAA we know that experimentation lies at the heart of data science and data engineering. To come up with innovative machine learning solutions and creative use cases you need to dedicate time to research and experimentation. Every month we organise an experimentation day where anyone from the team can recommend experiment topics, that are selected by team vote for execution on the day.

Science experiments

Since research is also about collaboration and synergies between groups of people that can bring in valuable and diverse insights, we planned an experiment with ING’s WB Digital Channels team, aimed at clustering user profiles based on their click behaviour. The experiment was based on the Customer Experience project they have developed and their team was represented by Alexandros Batzios — Feature Engineer WB Digital Channels. Alexandros worked together with three WBAA members — Fabian Jansen and Lorraine D’Almeida — Data Scientists, and Wendell Kulling — Chief Product Owner.

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