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ING/Payvision opens up new markets for IGO Promo

With online payments part of its e-commerce roadmap, this international supplier of branded merchandise was ‘blown away’ after onboarding the omnichannel payments solution provided by ING’s strategic partnership with Payvision. ”We had no idea easy payment options were so important to customers!”

IGO promo logo

"Two months after the go-live, the number of online payments is more than twice what we expected" 

– Floris Boon, IGO Promo’s Conversion Specialist


Until the introduction of online payments in December last year, promotional products supplier IGO Promo catered almost exclusively for B2B, invoicing clients after the client had placed an order. But since onboarding the payments solution offered by ING’s strategic partnership with Payvision, a whole new market has opened up for the Dutch online retailer.

Blown away’ by the results

“Consumers who are used to paying online, like the self-employed and private individuals, can now pay in the way they’re used to,” says Floris Boon, IGO Promo’s Conversion Specialist. “Two months after the go-live in the Netherlands, on December 10, the number of online payments is more than twice what we expected. We’ve been blown away by the results! We had no idea that easy payment options were so important to customers.” The go-live in France and Denmark is imminent and other countries will follow.

Digitising the customer journey

IGO Promo, one of the brands operated by the Plato Group and with a history going back 75 years (they started selling ballpoints via catalogues), provides printed merchandise – from pens and T-shirts to backpacks and candy – to clients in 12 countries across Europe. Dennis Verlijsdonk is IGO’s web developer and E-commerce Project Manager: “Online payment was part of our e-commerce roadmap,” he explains. “We wanted to digitise the customer journey and online payments were part of that.

Fast implementation

“We have long been a client of ING’s, so we sat down with them and our internal stakeholders and the bank told us about the payments solution they could offer through their partnership with the fintech Payvision. Because of our longstanding relationship with the bank, we went with it. That was in September, and considering we went live in mid-September, implementation was fast.”

A growing market

But perhaps not quite as fast as Dennis would have liked. “We knew that Google searches were leading more and more people to our website. The potential consumer market was growing; that was a trigger for us to speed things up. But when we were ready to go live from a tech point of view, there was still documentation from ING’s side around legal and compliance that affected the lead time. But at least we knew that all regulatory aspects were covered.”

Fewer credit checks

This e-commerce solution has not only opened up new markets for IGO (pronounce ‘ai-jo’) and improved the current customer journey (B2B clients can now choose between post-order invoices or online payments), it has also reduced the need for credit checks on customers. “We have the money straight away,” says Floris. “It’s much more efficient for us as a company.”

It sounds like this online payment solution is one of the best gifts this International Gift Organisation has ever had.

Through its strategic partnership with Payvision, ING can now offer its clients all relevant European payment methods online and offline in the most commonly used currencies, enabling them to make the most of international opportunities. Learn more about our Merchant commerce solutions.