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ING/Payvision making life easy for Mazda

Mazda’s first fully electric vehicle, the SUV Mazda MX-30, will be available to purchase in Europe in the second half of 2020. Gearing up to the launch, Mazda Motor Europe can now offer its customers a hassle-free online reservation platform, made possible by ING’s strategic partnership with fintech Payvision.

"This partnership, and what it makes possible, has made life easy for our customers, our national sales teams and our Mazda dealers" – Bart Mathot, Manager Commercial Customer Experience at Mazda Motor Europe 

In March 2019, excited about the European launch of its first fully electric vehicle in 2020, Mazda Motor Europe was looking to create an online payments platform that would allow customers in 14 different countries to reserve their very own Mazda MX-30, hassle free.

Pan-European platform

“What we needed,” says Bart Mathot, Manager Commercial Customer Experience at Mazda Motor Europe, “was a pan-European platform that could accommodate reservations in a customer’s preferred payment method, and in their own currency. And because potential purchasers sometimes need to cancel those reservations, we needed an easy refund system too.”

A trusted solution

Mazda had already built up an established, trusted relationship with ING over the years, so when Mazda’s Finance department suggested that ING’s strategic partnership with the fintech Payvision – a global, omnichannel payments provider – could provide just what Mazda was looking for, they were on board. “We wanted to go live with the platform in just six or seven months. So when ING said it could happen, we trusted them.”

Easy for all

Mazda wanted a solution that would fit smoothly into the customer’s existing purchasing flow; they wanted no barriers to paying the €1,000 reservation fee, and they also demanded easy refund. “Not just easy for customers, but for our national sales teams and Mazda dealers too. As the platform is a centralised solution, dealers and countries don’t need to collect money locally. Now, we do it all for them from our European Finance headquarters in Belgium.”

Intense collaboration

The period between March and October 2019, when the platform went live, was one of intense collaboration between Payvision and Mazda Motor Europe, not just the Customer Experience team, but IT, Legal, and Finance as well. “It was a complex project and towards the end we had meetings and conference calls once or twice a day.”

‘Plug ‘n’ play’ platform

After an intense phase of testing, fixing, more testing and more fixing, the platform went live on October 23 2019. “The system hasn’t failed once, a huge achievement given the scale and complexity of the project. But that’s not all, we now have a ‘plug ‘n’ play’ platform that can be expanded into other car lines, and we can also use it to offer localised services in the countries.”

Through its strategic partnership with Payvision, ING can now offer its clients all relevant European payment methods online and offline in the most commonly used currencies, enabling them to make the most of international opportunities. Learn more about our Merchant commerce solutions.