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Wholesale Banking

Client stories

Clients are at the heart of ING’s business. Everything we do is designed to empower them so that they can achieve their goals and stay a step ahead. To do this, we take the time to really understand how their businesses work and the challenges they face. These client stories highlight how our unique collaborative approach to problem-solving creates sustainable success for clients and fosters a partnership that delivers long-term benefits.

ON THAT ASS and ING/Payvision: a winning pair

19 January 2021

A new set of boxer shorts in your mailbox every month; first one free, cancel anytime. That’s the surprisingly simple concept behind successful Dutch online retailer ON THAT ASS. With ING/Payvision now on board, their plans for global expansion look set to succeed.

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20 December 2020

ING/Payvision: making life easy for Mazda

Mazda’s first fully electric vehicle, the SUV Mazda MX-30, will be available to purchase in Europe in the second half of 2020. Gearing up to the launch, Mazda Motor Europe can now offer its customers a hassle-free online reservation platform, made possible by ING’s strategic partnership with fintech Payvision.

20 December 2019

ING/Payvision opens up new markets for IGO Promo

With online payments part of its e-commerce roadmap, this international supplier of branded merchandise was ‘blown away’ after onboarding the omnichannel payments solution provided by ING’s strategic partnership with Payvision. ”We had no idea easy payment options were so important to customers!”

03 December 2018

Barry Callebaut: tasting good – and doing good

Barry Callebaut has a long pedigree when it comes to sustainability and the company has just embarked on a new chapter that will transform the lives of the farmers it works with.

01 November 2017

SugarCreek: delivering culinary innovation

SugarCreek is a family owned food business that describes itself as a 51 year old start-up company. Founded in 1966, as a manufacturer of raw bacon, SugarCreek grew itself to be the largest independent bacon processor in the U.S.

17 October 2017

euNetworks: bandwidth changes everything

In the hyper-competitive European bandwidth market, euNetworks is distinguished from its competitors, not just by its geographical, network and product capabilities, but by the honesty, focus and clarity with which it markets its solutions and delivers services to customers.

29 August 2017

Renewi turns waste into opportunity

International waste management company Renewi is globally pioneering a bold new vision on waste processing.

Black bear: back to black

12 May 2018

Black Bear’s tyre-to-carbon black technology is a circular economy game changer. It could transform an industry that most of us don’t know exists, but which is a major source of CO2.

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01 August 2017

TomTom makes a U-turn where necessary

TomTom hasn’t been afraid of changing direction. Its business initiatives continue to be driven by a culture of flexible entrepreneurialism.