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Wholesale Banking

Customer protection and payment options

Concerned about the impact of corona on ING’s Payments services? Don’t be – it’s business as usual. Plus, we have got some pointers around payment requests, business continuity and customer protection.

contactless payment via mobile phone

We are happy to say that ING’s Payments services are running as usual and our ING Customer Loyalty teams are available for daily support as they always are. Our ‘payments chain’ is operating as smoothly as ever too. Payments are still being transferred within five seconds; salaries, pensions, bonuses and benefits will be paid out in the same way; and automatic bank payments, iDEAL and card payments will not be affected.

Credit cards for contactless payments

To maximise the number of contactless transactions, we suggest adding credit cards to payments terminals and encourage their use in shops to keep human contact to a minimum. In the field, among cashiers, shelf stockers, drivers and warehouse workers, limiting physical contact is more of a challenge. Several retailers are encouraging self-checkout, and setting up special regimes for stocking shelves and deliveries; tech solutions can help.

Payment requests

Payment requests, which facilitate 100% contactless payments, can be convenient for delivery at the doorstep. For Dutch-speaking clients, please see this page for more information on contactless payment requests.

For more information on any of these topics, please get in touch with your ING representative.