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Wholesale Banking

Our colleagues show their home office and give some insight into how they have fared working from home.

Marco – Tribe Wholesale Banking

Working from home with children – isn't that a constant balancing act?

Definitely! We are fortunate that my wife and I can work from home during this time, but that means we need to organise ourselves better to be fair to both our work and to our children. Normally, we start our working day after breakfast and discuss the schedule for the day. Who has what fixed deadlines, who can take care of the children and when, what might need to be rescheduled, etc.

Fortunately, we have a separate study and the rule is that we are not to be disturbed when the door is closed. You can imagine how well this has worked so far...

How do you organise communication with the team?

I mainly communicate with my colleagues via phone and Skype. Of course, there were limitations at first, especially in the case of agile work processes, but we have now organised our daily stand-up as a conference call and are currently testing various technical solutions that enable us to use agile methods in a digital format.

What have you learnt and what experiences are you able to share at this stage?

Looking back at the first few weeks of working from home, I would say that we were flexible and quickly adapted to the new situation. We are now able to concentrate on what really matters at work, and from experience, the current times will bring our family closer together too.