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Wholesale Banking

Our colleagues show their home office and give some insight into how they have fared working from home.

Dennis - Hamburg Regional Office

How has your daily work routine changed?

Since we started working from home, my daily work routine has changed a lot. I still start my day with a cup of coffee and a read of my emails, but communication and routines are now completely different. Instead of brainstorming and discussing things with my colleagues in the office, we are using the phone, tools such as Skype and video conferencing.

I also have to help my son with his school work or listen to him reading his book. I’m now able to successfully combine my job and family at home!

What does your daily contact with customers look like?

We mainly talk to our customers over the phone to ensure that everyone stays safe. At the same time, we have also started to optimise work processes. For example, we were recently able to authorise an electronic signature process for a customer, which is proving to be very helpful in the current situation and will contribute to a more efficient way of working in the long term. Digitalisation will progress even faster in the current circumstances!

One final comment?

We are well-positioned for our customers. All members of my team are healthy, and the same goes for my family. Even if the situation is a challenging one, we continue to serve our customers and provide them with the best possible support in all matters of banking and complex financing situations.