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Wholesale Banking

We support you with the challenges you face today and help you look to the future. When it comes to sustainability, we can help you to future proof your company and prepare it for a more sustainable future. We are committed to facilitating and financing society’s shift to a low-carbon future and pioneer innovative forms of finance to support you in creating a better world. As such, we are included in the FTSE4Good Index.

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Climate action

A big challenge society as a whole is facing is the climate crisis. As a bank, we have an influence over a much larger carbon footprint than our own – and that’s the collective footprint of all our clients and their wider activities. With that influence comes a big responsibility: to use our financing and our advisory discussions to actively help clients to transition to new sustainable business models that will ensure their success into the future. We have financed billions of euros of renewable energy projects while saying ‘no’ to certain companies and sectors and ‘yes, but’ to others, outlining sustainability improvements they have to make first. On top of that, we’ve committed to measuring and steering our lending portfolio towards global climate goals.

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Financial health

Money is one of the leading causes of stress for people around the world. As a bank, money is what we know best. And as innovators, we put insights on behaviour and money into products, tools, research and education that help contribute to a financially healthy society. We think our biggest impact on improving financial health can be made in three areas:

  • information: providing the right information at the right time to help people make better financial decisions.
  • innovation: creating tools that help customers make better financial decisions.
  • involvement: getting involved in the communities we operate in and in developing countries.

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