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People on a mission

Changemakers are tenacious about the greater good. They are committed to something bigger than themselves and believe progress is always possible. The collection of stories below shine light on the people whose mission is to build a future proof world through collaboration and with innovative ideas.

Meet the changemakers

Moroo Shino: new technology paves the way for the energy transition

Japanese conglomerate Marubeni now has more than 100 years of innovation to look back on. Moroo Shino, President and CEO of Marubeni Asian Power, says that as a large independent power producer it has a social responsibility to facilitate the energy transition and the development of new technology solutions such as hydrogen.

Nico van Dooren: Rotterdam stakes out a hydrogen-led future

As Europe seeks to position itself as a leader in hydrogen technology, the Port of Rotterdam has been busy building infrastructure to overhaul the country’s energy system. Nico van Dooren, Port of Rotterdam Director for New Business Development, is working closely with industry to future-proof the port and support the energy transition.

Bart-Willem ten Cate: why we need biofuels on the road to 2030 climate targets

Bart-Willem ten Cate, Low-Carbon Strategist at FinCo Fuel Group BV, has been advocating for sustainability measures in transport for almost two decades. He believes “sustainability is becoming a licence to operate”, and tells us why low-carbon fuels have to be part of the energy transition – and how young people are key to success.

Gerard Backx: seeding a sustainable potato business

Potato seed provider HZPC is looking at how to embed more sustainability in its supply chain. But that is not all: CEO Gerard Backx tells us the company is also trying to breed better potatoes.

Heimo Scheuch takes the long view on sustainability

For more than a decade, Heimo Scheuch has been the CEO of Wienerberger AG, an international provider of building envelopes and infrastructure, based in Austria. He says that for leaders to pass on to the next generation a business that is fit for the future, they have to learn about sustainability.

Jan Kempers: one green bottle at a time

HEINEKEN has just announced that 100% of its beer sold in the Netherlands has been brewed using green energy. Here, Jan Kempers, Program Manager Sustainable Development at HEINEKEN Netherlands Supply, explains how the world’s most international brewer is decarbonising its supply chain.

Rafał Brzoska: a changemaker delivers

Logistics operator InPost has revolutionised the Polish parcel delivery market with its automated parcel lockers. Now, CEO and founder Rafał Brzoska is planning rapid expansion in European markets as sustainability tops the agenda and Covid-19 increases demand for automated logistics.

Jan Klerken: ahead of his time: a changemaker on a mission to clean up food

Jan Klerken, founder of Scelta Mushrooms, may have retired after close to 50 years in the business, but he says he won’t rest until the food industry is “100% clean”. Here, he explains how he turned the company around in pursuit of sustainability, and we hear how mushrooms are the unlikely stars of the circular economy.

Badar Khan: energy company National Grid is determined to be part of the solution on climate issues

As the outlook on global climate change grows more dire by the year, there is growing public demand for corporations to become part of the solution. A 2019 study found that 59% of consumers expected any company they did business with to take action on climate issues — up from 39% just a year earlier.

Hervé Balusson: algae is the sustainable food additive of the future

The rest of the world may have been slow to catch on, but seaweed and other algae have been dietary staples in China and Japan for centuries. These days, it's found in everything from sushi to cooking oil to cosmetics. And if Hervé Balusson has his way, it could be the key to saving the planet.