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对于企业来说,可持续发展转型带来的挑战在于同时平衡业务发展和进行可持续发展改革, 道路纷繁复杂。然而,我们明白各行各业在现实中步步为营,而且实现可持续发展并不是一朝一夕的事,充满未知之数。我们相信聚沙成塔,唯有坚持才可将可持续发展提升到另一个新高度。





Sensor ships: why smart containers are the future of shipping

The transportation of cargo around the world is routine business for the shipping industry, but delivering about 11 billion tons of goods a year is a process that is fraught with risk.

Telecom races to connect the world sustainably

This vital sector needs to expand to meet the growing demand for data and connectivity. Can it do that without adding to greenhouse gas emissions and widening the digital divide?

The horizon challenge: accelerating the shift to a green economy

The horizon challenge: accelerating the shift to a green economy

While the Covid-19 pandemic put the brakes on global economic growth, initiating financial and social crises that added to the grave dangers to public health, the slowdown brought the environment into sharp focus. Now, leaders planning a recovery must factor in the sustainability credentials of their strategies to accelerate the shift to a greener future.

Financing the sustainable transition

The sustainable finance blueprint: financing the transition

Transition to a more sustainable future needs financing solutions that support both climate and society-linked goals. For investors, tools that enable them to assess companies on their sustainability credentials are crucial to their decision-making. And for companies, getting access to the right sustainable finance solutions helps them to meet their targets.

Building a sustainable economy together

Pioneering the future: building a sustainable economy together

The future will only be prosperous if businesses put sustainability at their core. That means embracing different operating models and emerging technologies, and financing new growth sustainably. Doing this alone is tough, which is why companies trying to win over banks must work with them collaboratively and strategically.

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Leyla Acaroglu: a sustainability provocateur disrupts sustainability

Leyla Acaroglu considers the ways systems, sustainability and design can come together to solve Earth’s biggest problems. Through her UnSchool of Disruptive Design, this award-winning designer challenges the way we think about the global economy, consumption and recycling. Here, she tells us why companies are afraid to take action.

Enpal: a rooftop revolution

Many homeowners in the US lease solar systems for their rooftops , and the trend is now catching on in Germany. At the heart of this shift is German photovoltaics (PV) leasing company Enpal. How exactly is this four-year-old start-up disrupting the green energy market and making homes smarter?

Christian Rood: creating the battery of the future

LeydenJar Technologies is a Dutch start-up on a mission to make lithium-ion batteries last longer. Batteries are playing an important role in the transition to a clean energy future, and with higher energy density they will further unlock growth for a range of industries.

Constantin Damov: a market maker in the circular economy

Twenty years ago, Constantin Damov co-founded recycling company Green Group. His grandfather’s work and pollution in the Black Sea inspired him to make a change. Since then Damov’s company has become a market maker for recycling and re-use in the region.

Balki Iyer: storage is today’s frontier

Storage is one of the challenges in the energy transition. Balki Iyer, chief commercial officer of Eos Energy Storage, tells us how Eos’s zinc batteries are “work horses” that are fully recyclable and provide energy storage in any climate.

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