Human Equation

In a market where companies operate on huge global playing fields, with increasing financial complexity and constraints - we believe true value comes from being able to empower our clients to embrace innovation and drive their businesses forwards. We do this by adding value through the one thing that can really stand us apart – People - their commitment, creativity, shared responsibility, expertise, insight and versatility.

A success story

A success story

IQ, talent and technique are often thought to be the Holy Grail, but that is not the whole story. Without a good work ethic, social intelligence and creativity you won’t get very far in business. Performance is the sum of the qualities you possess and those you need to work on.

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Unboxing Talent

Unboxing Talent

Talent and IQ alone are not enough to get to the top. Which is why ING looks beyond these when selecting the next generation of top talents. We draw inspiration from talent at organisations that we support or care about, such as the Young Captain Awards, Unseen and the Junior Company of the Dutch National Ballet.

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Our human equations

Numbers are only digits without the common denominator for success - people power. It is a combination of hard and soft skills that account for success. We asked our employees: what is your equation for progress in this disruptive world? 

Juliet Zeng

Juliet Zeng - Director of the Asia Desk - on her human equation.

Martin Urban

Martin Urban - Head of Client Coverage in Czech Republic - on his human equation.

Saida Djarbolova

Saida Djarbolova - Head of ING Kazakhstan - on her human equation

Chris Moon

Chris Moon - Director of Technology Media & Telecom Finance in the Americas - on his human equation.

Isold Heemstra

Isold Heemstra - CEO of ING in Czech Republic - on his human equation.

Xiaofei Guo

Xiaofei Guo - Analyst Sustainable Finance - on her human equation.

Frederic Radelet

Frederic Radelet - Head of FI Transaction Services Asia - on his human equation.

Ivar Wiersma

Ivar Wiersma - Head of Innovation - on his human equation.

Theo Korver

Theo Korver - Senior Deal Principal Disintermediation - and his human equation.

Ernst Hoff

Ernst Hoff - Head of European Network - on his human equation.