ING in the Americas wins several deal awards in 2016

In 2016, ING Financial Holdings Corporation in the US won several deal awards: four North American Deal of the Year awards of IJGlobal, one of PFI, and one of Reuters.

The winning deals were:


IJGlobal Awards 2016

North American M&A Deal of the Year: Chicago Skyway Acquisition
North American Refinancing Deal of the Year: Sabine Pass LNG & Creole Trail Pipeline Refinancing, Louisiana
North American Water Deal of the Year: Vista Ridge Water Pipeline, Texas
North American Port Deal of the Year: Kingston Container Terminal Expansion, Jamaica


PFI Awards 2016
Oil & Gas Deal of the Year: Fermaca natural gas pipeline, Mexico
North America Deal of the Year: Vista Ridge Water Pipeline, Texas
Americas Power Deal of the Year: CPV Towantic


Reuters FX Forecasting Awards 2016
ING Financial Markets #2 in Latin American Currencies


Air Finance Journal Awards 2016
Export Credit Deal of the Year: Sun Express